Philippa Ashcroft - UK

We tried our best to protect our nest but the virus found a way in

We tried our best to protect our nest but the virus found a way in
Philippa Ashcroft - UK

London, UK

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During lockdown I watched a pair of robins build a nest in our garden. A considered, complicated task. Slowly, methodically, instinctively they nested. I imagined building my own nest, a place to keep my family away from the dangers of the outside world. Cocooned, camouflaged, together, safe. Then one day, the robins' nest was destroyed by a predator and their eggs broken. I was so invested in observing their task during this surreal time, I felt heartbreak, frustration, disappointment. The birds, undeterred, built a second, more successful nest. The eggs hatched, the chicks fledged and we enjoyed their company in our garden. Despite our best efforts, the virus found its way into our home. We felt pain and experienced loss. In time, we followed the robin's path and rebuilt our nest. Nature always finds a way. For me this piece represents resilience and maintaining hope during adversity. The black outer section represents the virus, the ivory chiffon reflects the fragility of life. The bead circle is the protective layer we all wish for our loved ones. I wanted the text to speak in a whisper, with so I chose white on white for its ghost-like quality.

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The Future of The Covid Chronicle:

The Covid Chronicle is available for sale / exhibition by arrangement. The proceeds from the sale of the entire work would be in aid of MIND.  Please get in contact for further details.
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