Fatemeh Chahardory - Iran

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Fatemeh Chahardory - Iran


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Our beautiful earth has been wounded for many years by the immorality of greedy people. War, murder, destruction and climate change were caused by human beings. Suddenly, a hand of revenge sounded the death knell for everyone in the world, young and old, rich and poor, educated and illiterate. It was then that our world withered; no one could embrace or kiss their loved ones, you had to breathe fresh air through layers of masks, restaurant tables were dusty, and parks empty of children laughing. We lost our loved ones one by one and the cemeteries were full of young and old people that still wanted to live. A disease had struck, Covid 19, a small virus had shaken the whole world. However, knowledgeable people from all over the world didn’t waste time. Research, scientific exchanges and their collaboration led the dark days into a bright and hopeful future. With the help of God, vaccines were provided to individuals to armour them against this disease. A three-headed arrow: personal hygiene, masks & vaccination, is aiming to the heart of the virus and will destroy it so we can fill our precious earth with joy and laughter again.

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