Cat Wadsworth - UK

Escapism Keeping me Safe & Saner…

Escapism Keeping me Safe & Saner…
Cat Wadsworth - UK

Cheshire, UK

Panel ref

My panel refers back to the first lockdown of Spring 2020. The central circle represents the things I did that made me happy during enforced isolation. I am always excited to watch the new beginnings in my back garden each Spring, and watching seeds and flowers start to grow. Spring 2020 was different - outside my sanctuary Covid 19 had changed all our lives, but here in the garden everything continued to grow reassuringly. In the evenings I read endlessly whilst drinking a Gin & Tonic. This was my escapism! My daughter Helen visited each week with food and home-made cake! How pleased I was to see her. My phone was my lifeline to family and friends as for so many others. The dark edge of my panel represents the world with Covid-19 in it, deaths, illness, fear of what was happening and what was going to happen, so the barbed wire keeps it out of my sanctuary. I enjoyed using various methods in creating my panel, machine and hand embroidery, plus painting on the linen background with acrylics.

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