Wendy Tompkins - UK

Walking through the seasons

Walking through the seasons
Wendy Tompkins - UK

Surrey, UK

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When the first lockdown hit us in March 2020, my family and I knew that we needed to stay active and get outside as much as we possibly could to try to stay positive throughout our isolation from family and friends. At that time, we were only allowed to exercise outside of our home for one hour per day and my husband and I made sure that every day we used that hour to walk in our local area.  We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Surrey Hills area of South East England and there are plenty of walks available for us to do right from our door.  We discovered a lot more of our neighbourhood along the way and we loved having that connection with nature, seeing deer, sparrowhawks and kestrels near our home.

Those daily walks, which continued during lockdown and beyond, have really made us appreciate our surroundings and we have also enjoyed seeing the changes throughout the seasons.  It feels like this has been an important part of us getting through the past couple of years and this is why I chose to depict this in my Covid Chronicle textile art.

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The Future of The Covid Chronicle:

The Covid Chronicle is available for sale / exhibition by arrangement. The proceeds from the sale of the entire work would be in aid of MIND.  Please get in contact for further details.
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