Farzaneh Raji - Iran

Lovely Peacock

Lovely Peacock
Farzaneh Raji - Iran


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Since the Covid- 19 hit of the world, it has affected every human being's life on the globe. The first-year people confronted a total shutdown in their communities before removing the restrictions little by little during the second year of the pandemic. As so many lives were lost, people experienced tremendous changes in their lifestyles and businesses worldwide. However, on the other hand, our exhausted ecosystem, which was hurt and destroyed badly in recent centuries due to industry development, got a chance to restore and refine itself, and maybe that was the most surprising aspect of this pandemic; which inspired me as an Iranian artist greatly; so I came up of with the idea of illustrating an exceptional beauty of a peacock as of the positive side of pandemic toward restoration of our beautiful earth, contrasting to ugly feet of the peacock, referring to the dark side of the covid spread. Moreover, this is the story behind my feature presentation, known as "Pateh Doozi" the exceptional “traditional Persian Stitching” technique.

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