Zuzana Oravcová - Belgium

Insecurity is Pushing us Apart

Insecurity is Pushing us Apart
Zuzana Oravcová - Belgium


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By this piece I wanted to reflect on the insecurity and fear that is surrounding us. We are standing against invisible enemy which is testing us every day. How do we know if we are safe or not? How do we know who to trust? This insecurity is pushing us further apart and dividing us. We are all in this together, yet the progress is very fragile every individual can do its part, but as long as we do not act as whole the process will be slow. At the beginning nobody believed that this will take so long we are trapped in this situation together. No action is without consequences, but the consequence seems invisible and creates space for underestimation. This pandemic is clearly showing problems that were here all the time, harder times just make them stronger it will bring insecurities, show the weaknesses and broken structures. It does not make it easier it is testing our fears and forces us to search for safe place.

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