Colleen Mucevher - UK

In Case of Pandemic Break Glass

In Case of Pandemic Break Glass
Colleen Mucevher - UK

Staffordshire, UK

Panel ref

The central panel is a silk circle which has a photo of home-made masks, tester kits, hand cleansers etc printed on it and then lightly quilted.  It has a net 'dome' over it, as its 'glass'. The items shown have become my routine defence against covid. These are the things that have allowed me to go out, visit new places, attend events and teach crafts in small groups. The ‘survival kit’ is mounted onto shibori indigo dyed cotton which I made at a local craft club. I have stitched representations of covid virus structures into this. The border is made from fabrics which I am using in a current EPP project from fabrics acquired since the start of the pandemic.

All of this is to represent my main defence against the negative impact of the C19 pandemic, which has been making and the creative process.  Without craft clubs (via zoom), patchwork, needle felting, sewing, crochet, and all the other making activities, lockdown would have broken me. I remain grateful to all those who have taught and enabled me to be happy and fulfilled at such a challenging time.

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The Future of The Covid Chronicle:

The Covid Chronicle is available for sale / exhibition by arrangement. The proceeds from the sale of the entire work would be in aid of MIND.  Please get in contact for further details.
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