Jess Litherland - UK

European Road Trip

European Road Trip
Jess Litherland - UK

Essex, UK

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A long planned (and saved) for year long trip to Europe in our mobile home was severely disrupted by the pandemic. We had quit our jobs, sold all our possessions and given up our rented house for a once in a life time career break trip. Lock down one happened a week before we were due to head to France and we were locked down in our van in the UK, in the same car park, for 100 days. Morale was low! In August 2020 there was a brief respite in travel restrictions and we gratefully slipped out of the UK into Europe. Road tripping in a pandemic was surreal. We avoided cities, didn’t visit the usual museums and galleries (mostly closed), didn’t eat out, only saw people when we popped into a supermarket and had to keep a constant watch on different countries border closures, lock down rules and procedures. The flip side of this was that we spent most of our time out in nature and seeing the quiet non tourist sides of all the places we visited. This panel shows some of our favourite scenes, plants and flowers from our 6 months on the road.

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