Wendy Bliss - UK

Covid Culls

Covid Culls
Wendy Bliss - UK

London, UK

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This collage was made during lockdown using a cut-out from a painting, silk screen prints from my archives, and pieces of old lace, to make a statement about the capriciousness of nature : on the one hand we know nature can be eye-wateringly beautiful, with all things living and working in harmonious concert - but on the other hand it is vicious, cruel, a cycle of ruthless life-and-death struggle.      A giant daisy, pressed, trapped in a taut mesh of lace and bound to a cross.  A field of clover; pollen and particles floating in space, spreading like viruses do;  red droplets of fresh loss.      

Nature is both generous and lean.  Nothing is for nothing in nature, everything has its purpose.  As we over-stretch the planet’s resources to near breaking-point, crucifying a complex organism of interconnectedness that has taken millennia to develop, it is only natural it should fight back the only way it knows how:  in a life-and-death struggle the balance of power will tip, destabilise the environment that supports the perpetrators, and cull the humans.  Nature rules:  we must adapt or die.

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The Future of The Covid Chronicle:

The Covid Chronicle is available for sale / exhibition by arrangement. The proceeds from the sale of the entire work would be in aid of MIND.  Please get in contact for further details.
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