Holly Searle

For My Family.

For My Family.
Holly Searle

London, UK

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During the first Lockdown in March 2020, my children, grandchildren and I moved into a house together. We hadn’t all cohabited for 18 years, so it felt like another unknown within another unknown. But once we had worked it all out, we all began to enjoy our space and each other in it. We were safe and that was the most important thing. But we emerged from that first Covid lockdown year with so much more love for each other. We were so incredibly fortunate. My grandchildren will remember the positives rather that the negatives, because we did so much together as a family; planting flowers, walks in the local park, watching the family of foxes in the garden. So l wanted to make a square that reflected our family unit. Family, Support, Love. That first lockdown summer was amazing, so l used bright vivid colours as an homage to it. I love buttons, they are useful, practical and connect and keep things secure. So l incorporated them as a symbol of security. The background mounting fabric was selected as life really was a bowl of cherries for us during that period.

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